What we do

Turnaround is not business as usual. It is simply inadequate to bring in advisors and/or consultants to deal with the numerous component tasks needed in a turnaround as this invariably creates undue demands on the management team and tensions within the business and quite often fundamental disagreements between stakeholders. A business in crisis with a Board under pressure is no place for the inexperienced.

If there are drastic remedies required they need experienced hands on management.

We understand the needs of lenders to minimise write-downs and of investors/management to optimise enterprise value.

We take on whatever role a situation demands in order to fix the problem as expeditiously as possible. Whether as Executive Chairman, CEO, MD, COO or FD we work with the incumbent management team to provide the support, leadership and guidance needed for confidence to be restored and a sustainable turnaround achieved.

In each situation we ask the right questions to improve the financial clarity, control and planning in a business and we have a practical approach with the objective of delivering clear opinions, recommendations and improvements.

We can take ownership and control of the recovery plan and make it happen.