Conducting a project


A company’s decline sometimes appears to be very sudden but often it is caused by a fundamental problem that manifests itself slowly but as it progresses it gathers momentum then a crisis looms. As the speed of decline quickens the situation will require immediate intervention, putting in place measures  to create time for a turnaround strategy to be developed and implemented.


Once the immediate position is secured, we identify the factors that have led the business into difficulties. Adaxial interrogates the company’s business model exposing the business axis around which all the core commercial drivers revolve. Any restructuring has to address any issues with these core drivers as peripheral tinkering will not establish a sustainable future for a business in difficulty. It is getting these core elements right that will optimise the business performance and return for all stakeholders in the longer term.

The next priority is to review the business strategies and the longer-term financial needs and focus on those issues that will effect its recovery and optimise its competitive position. We consider every aspect of company operation present and potential markets, its leadership, its skills and the resources available to restructure it into a successful operation. Specifically, this will include its products or services, sales and marketing strategies, IT administration, operations, manufacturing and people.


The Adaxial team having set up these strategies helps with implementation and then closely monitors these core requirements. We set up KPI’s that will help management and stakeholders monitor performance not only in financial terms but also in delivering these core values. We assist management in ensuring they have the correct team in place to take the business forward.

Once the achievement of the turnaround against the plan can be clearly seen and measured, we can then step back from the business. Usually we are able if required to take up a Non-Executive Directorship for a period of time to ensure that the company stays on right track.